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Former educator and business consultant


Former Chief Economist and Executive Vice President, Bank of Montreal

While reading an article in a large Canadian publication, I saw work done by Wendy Reimer. We called her to discuss hiring her to work on our downtown Toronto condo. A month later, the work began and within a few weeks, our condominium was transformed. We were thrilled with the results!

Nine years later, we decided to build a large seaside home on Prince Edward Island. It was an enormous project and we would never have succeeded in our endeavour without Wendy’s guidance, intelligence and talent. Wendy pointed us toward an architect who worked the way she did. They both listened to our endless requirements and wishes and produced plans that mirrored what we wanted – but had never pictured!

From there, Wendy made this project her own and we will never forget our gratitude to her for making our dream come true. I remember, during one of our joint visits to the site, she got on her hands and knees in a partially constructed room and reworked the lighting plan so skillfully that the sub-contractor’s eyes beamed in quiet admiration! There were dozens of incidents like this one, with the result that our home is people friendly, senior ready and our daily joy. Virtually every visitor comments that it is an elegant, welcoming and cozy home and that is exactly what we were hoping to achieve!




We have had the pleasure of working with Reimer Design for over 10 years on a wide range of projects for our home. Whether it has been the simple selection of furniture or providing full design services for our renovation, we have been thrilled with the results and the outcome has proven to be a worthwhile investment.


Wendy has been able to apply her creativity and design expertise to bring a fresh and modern approach to all of our projects, while still retaining the original English Tudor style of the home. Visitors to our home often remark on the seamless integration of the renovation and the original house, which was built in the 1920s. As well, they notice the unique touches that Wendy provided: custom floor inlays, fireplace design and custom tiles.


Wendy has an excellent selection of suppliers, ranging from wholesalers, retailers to individual craftsmen, and she has a very good working relationship with all of them. Wendy’s style is very flexible and accommodates the range of knowledge and time constraints of her clients. It is clear that Wendy commands the respect and support of her suppliers. This ensures that projects are completed as promised and to the highest quality standards. Our experience of working with Wendy as part of the professional team (architect, general contractor, tradesmen) that completed our home renovation demonstrated her strong understanding of the total design and construction process and her ability to work with all types of people.


We are confident in recommending Wendy and Reimer Design for any design project.


Former Chairman, CEO, and President of Dupont Canada Inc.

Former Chairman of the Board of Manulife Financial Corp.


We first retained Wendy Reimer eight years ago when we transitioned from a home to an urban upscale condominium. We balance our time between residences located in Toronto, Florida and Muskoka, so it was essential we work with a designer that could manage the project in our absence. We wanted our condominium to represent state-of-the-art design and our tastes and lifestyle.


Wendy worked with us to design the interior, select furniture and accessories, fixtures and finishes. While we were away, she supervised all of her suppliers and worked very well with our general contractor. Wendy was a joy to work with and she has the talent to draw out our needs, wants and budgets in a pleasant way. We were so pleased with our experience with Wendy that we hired her to help us with our cottage on Lake Rousseau, in Muskoka.


Most recently, several years following the completion of our condo, we hired Wendy again to make a few changes and we could not be happier with both the experience and the result.



CEO, TWS Sponsor Solutions


We were immediately impressed with Wendy’s design skills, her extraordinary sense of colour and her ability to combine our needs and desires with her talent to transform our house into a beautiful and livable home.


Occasionally throughout our work together, we would think, “Oh, let’s just get something completed.” Wendy would wisely encourage us to be patient – not to settle for just anything but rather “we could do better” and that it was worth the wait for the right piece.


Several homes and 25 years later, we are thankful we followed her consultation. Not only do we still continue to enjoy every piece we acquired with Wendy’s direction, but they have transitioned wonderfully into each of our different homes.



CFO, RBC Dominion Securities


We have always been about a home for our children, family, friends, pets – a place where we can come and just relax, kick back and enjoy. Having toured many beautiful homes, we always came away feeling they were beautiful show places where no one really “lived”. While interviewing several top designers, we were pleasantly surprised by Wendy. By the second meeting I finally began to believe that maybe this designer could produce what I wanted – an artistically pleasing environment that was first and foremost a home.

When things went so very wrong with our builder and construction of our Oakville home, Wendy persevered with me to complete the home we envisioned – and did we succeed! I learned so very much from her, but most importantly, she gave me the confidence to speak up when something was just not good enough! I never felt I had to settle and accept poor workmanship with regards to the construction of our home.

Wendy also helped me redesign and decorate our home in Muskoka and saw us through what became a major renovation. She heard me when I said I wanted it to be fun and relaxed, and found antiques to compliment the decor. Guest bedrooms and principal rooms were done in fun and relaxed fabrics, the life of a dandelion, ferns, botanicals – just a wonderful and happy melange of complimentary fabrics. We now have two homes that are absolute favourites for our family and friends.

Yes, our fourteen pets do take a huge toll which must make Wendy wince or shudder – but each and every mark is a wonderful and funny memory for us. Her work has survived multiple teen and college parties and our home is still the not-to-be-missed Christmas party location, and for the May 24 and Thanksgiving weekends, our summer home is the destination choice for our family.

I want to assure you who are reading how very highly we hold Wendy as a designer, however, we hold her even more highly as an honest and caring individual who has listened and done her level best to hear and translate our desires and needs to create our dream homes, not hers..




Wendy is a gifted designer. Her gentle and caring personality adds greatly to her excellence in this field. We are still enjoying the colours and textures that Wendy suggested and implemented for our home. Wendy also decorated our home for the St. Andrews Christmas tour that year and it was by far the most dedicated, detailed showing of the eight homes, using all natural greenery and flowers. We recall retiring to bed one evening approaching this special event, while Wendy was still hard at work in our home creating her Christmas presentation for the tour. We would highly recommend Wendy as your choice for interior design. You will not be disappointed.