Every project is unique. Getting to know a client’s wish list is first and foremost in creating a plan. The consultation phase establishes how involved a client wants to be in the selection process. Some clients enjoy the shopping experience while others prefer the convenience of being presented with options. Once we determine the scope of the project and set objectives that can be managed within a proposed budget, we then discuss whether a client prefers to include any existing elements or start with a fresh canvas. Should a client wish to incorporate existing elements into the design plan, we then photograph, measure and document any appropriate pieces to ensure a seamless integration in the overall design plan.

The design development phase involves creative development, based on criteria established during the initial consultation. Possibilities are explored and recommendations are presented for client review and consideration. If the project requires the services of an architect and contractor, or any other specialist, we partner with our client’s to build a team of experts that can deliver all the objectives of the design plan.

Following decisions finalized during the conceptual phase, specific details are presented for approval including furniture layouts, lighting plans, cabinetry designs, kitchen and bathroom designs – and if necessary, address any modifications required to architectural plans.

The selection process is all about taking care of the details – any finishes or furniture required for new builds, renovations or redecorating are sourced from both wholesale and retail suppliers. Items ranging from trim, hardware, plumbing fixtures, kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, flooring, furnishings, fabrics, accessories, design of custom furniture, window treatments to commissioned art pieces. Selected pieces are presented to the client together with associated costs.

Reimer Design has an impeccable reputation for meeting schedule targets and managing budget expectations. Once an order has been approved, production, installation and delivery is managed with careful attention.

Good process makes for great outcomes – and all great outcomes begin with a plan.  


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